Tuesday, February 27, 2007

3 Pairs of Socks during Daytona Week!

Hi All!
Here are Sue's finished objects. Unless I took time off of work, I don't think I could do as much knitting for 3 pairs of socks!

Details from Sue:
The socks are left to right:

Regia Line Step with Phildar cuffs, heels, and toes. I used the Monkey pattern - just love that pattern. These socks used partial skeins, but the total would be about 100 grams as they are adult size. Started Daytona weekend and finished on Monday.

Regia Surprise Color in the Six Sense pattern. These used all but a tiny bit (like 3 yards) of a 100 gram skein. Started Monday and finished on Thursday.

Couldn't let the remaining Regia from the Line Steps just sit there, so made a pair with Phildar cuffs and feet and again used at least 100 grams. Started last Thursday and finished during the race on Sunday.

Have another pair on the needles and again using the Monkey pattern. Not sure when I will finish them as they are a large adult and I don't have the amount of time I had last week.

So, I guess that would come to 300 points for the yarn and 75 for 3 finished pairs of adult socks.

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