Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, 3 Important Words

Start... Your... Engines!!

With the Daytona 500, I have kicked off a friendly season-long competition among NASCAR knitters and anyone else who is interested in playing. The Rules are as follows:

  • * Whatever miles are raced in Nextel Cup that weekend, so is the goal of the equivalent number of grams be used before the next race. (Daytona 500 = 500 grams before the Auto Club 500 at Fontana) Added 02/20th: 400-500 grams would be a LOT of week in a week, so just keep gathering up those points. :)

  • * By “used” I mean knitting, crocheting, spinning, sewing, selling, and gifting (Swaps are our friends!). These “miles/grams” are also points towards prizes.

  • * Throughout the 9-month racing season (which ends in November), there will be bonus points given to each completed project applicable in size/weight/complexity. (a finished “Forest Path Stole” is greater than a full-sized Clapotis which is more than the “My So-Called Scarf” project. Added 02/20th: I am working on a chart to cover everything from socks to sweaters.

  • * Due to the allowance of other De-stash KALs to get more yarn, no penalties will be given if yarn is acquired at any time.

  • * Sporadically, prizes will be awarded to those with the highest point count. That means GIVE-AWAYS!!

  • * Admittedly, this KAL is my first, so please bear with me if I have to add or adjust the rules to clear up any confused borders.

  • So go ahead. To receive an invitation to post your projects and NASCAR-related stories, please e-mail NASCARknitter AT gmail DOT com or comment on this entry. Then grab a button from the sidebar, save it to your server, and add this blog to your RSS feeder.

    Boogitty, boogitty, boogitty. LET'S GO RAY-CIN!!


    Procrastiknitter said...

    I'm SOOO in! That is...if you want me to be!

    denyse said...

    What a great idea! Please include me!

    Anonymous said...

    If Procrastiknitter hadn't posted on my blog I wouldn't have found this blog. I am in! Now, what do I do? I am definitely sharing with others.

    Heather said...

    Is it too late to join?!?! Just consider me a last minute... um.. crew chief. Keep the 'jelly' away from my yarn!!

    Janine said...

    This is a wonderful idea! I'm in.

    jenfromRI said...

    I feel like I should join in because the men in my household are obsessed, OBSESSED, with NASCAR, and my Sundays are usually spent knitting while they watch the race. I hesitate because have serious doubts about my ability to keep up, being the fairly slow knitter that I am.