Monday, February 26, 2007

More Details on Getting (and Losing) Points

To earn the most points at the end of the 9-month NASCAR Nextel Cup season

From the weekend's race warcry of "Start your engines" to the next race's "Start your engines" (As an example I'm using the period from Daytona 500 to California's 500).

How to Get points:
1) For every gram used in an FO done that week, a point is given (I actually finished a baby blanket that is just over 500 grams).
2) 75 bonus points are given when that Sunday's race of ### miles (Say the Daytona 500 counts as 500 grams) is met (I get an additional 75 points).
3) Giving away or selling yarn counts toward the week's goal (I had sold 700 grams of my stash last week. All count as points).
4) Gift or swapped yarn does not merit "bad" or negative points so consider that an "even Steven" (I gave 350 grams in exchange of 100 grams at a yarn swap).
5) Buying yarn DOES NOT take away points (I bought 700 grams for my Arwen Cardigan before the California race began yesterday!).
6) Additional points are awarded for FO's depending on the item (baby socks at 5 points to adult socks at 25 points; mittens and gloves fall under the same points as socks; stuffed toys are 15 points; bookmarks, charity squares, and washcloths are at 5 points to full-sized shawls at 35 points; blankets are 50 points; baby/dog sweaters at 15 points to adult sweaters at 50).
7) Additional points are awarded for FO's depending on the level of difficulty (stranded, steeks, lace, entrelac, and cables add 10 points each, so if you make something with all of them, then that would give you 50 points).

How to show points:
1) Using the pattern's material list, a food/postal scale to weigh the FO, or adding the total number of grams on the yarn labels, get a total number of grams used.
2) Post details (Pattern name with yarn amount, etc. A photo would be great!) about your FO preferably on the blog along with the total number of (sold/given-away/bought) grams by the Tuesday after the week's run (Before tomorrow, I need to post my stats on my Daytona week of the 500g blanket, the 700g sell, and the 700g buy).

Total points will be shared on the NASCAR Knitters' Yahoo! Groups database section. This will be updated by the Thursday after the completed week's points. (Guess I better get a move on for the Daytona points!)

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