Monday, June 25, 2007

Wee total

My Michigan total: 76.53g.

3 afghan squares in Plymouth Encore.

This week looks to be the same!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

COMPLETED: Wristwarmers

I knit these wrist warmers for my Secret Pal. They are knit from a single ball Patons SWS!! I even had a teeny bit left over! I can't believe that I got them to match, too!!

71 grams for this week!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


OK, I'm a dingbat. But I'm suspecting y'all knew that.

I'd planned on sending the box to F.I.R.E., but then accepted a challenge to knit at least 1 or 2 more items. So I did 3 (2 adult, 1 child, all hats). Once they were finished, washed & blocked, I boxed them. The box is sealed.

I forgot to take pictures!! DOH!!


Here are the totals, anyway...

2 adult hats in Misti Alpaca Chunky (one black, one dark rose): 141.75g
1 child hat w/leftover Misti Alpaca: 79.39g
Afghan squares in Dreambaby DK: 21.26g
Afghan square in Caron Simply Soft: 21.51g
Afghan square in Plymouth Encore: 21.51g
Subtotal: 293.42

Gifted 2 skeins Noro Silk Garden: 100g

Total g: 393.42

This week, it'll be more afghan squares.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


The never-ending baby blanket finally came to an end!! 400g of Bernat Satin!!

And I knit a hat (adult size) out of the pink Cascade 220 superwash. 82.21g.

Total g for Dover: 482.21

(This is the pre-washed/blocked hat. It fits my fat (22 1/2") head.)

This afternoon will be spent packing stuff to send out. And waiting for the track to dry...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So close!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007


Now that the company's gone & the house is (more or less) back to normal...

I've got stuff for Darlington. Zilch for Charlotte. I'm still working on the never-ending baby blanket (and I doubt that will be done before the start of the race on Sunday to get it to count).

I made a baby hat with the last of the Cascade Eco, totaling 56.7 g. (Same pattern as most of the other baby hats.)

Two baby hats with Rowan Spray, using Norma's Dulaan pattern, 100 g each. I didn't have enough yarn (only one skein of each color) to make them as long as she did, which is why they're baby hats & not toddler hats.

One child's hat with Rowan Big Wool, also using Norma's pattern, 141.75g.

And four squares for the Hokie Healing Blankets from Patons Rumor. That yarn is so soft!!! Total of 145g.

Grand total: 543.45g.

Light blue is the Talladega hat. Middle row: Cascade Eco stuff (two Richmond; one Darlington). Back row: Rowan stuff.

Hokie squares. Yeah, a couple of them were a little larger, but two of them came out perfectly.