Monday, August 13, 2007

Pitiful Pocono

One afghan square, in Plymouth Encore (cornflower blue)--25.51g.

On the plus side, the bruising on my hands wasn't too bad. But the knitting ADD is back in full force, so there's a lot in progress, and nothing close to done. Maybe I'll be able to get something finished this week...

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Not so great totals:

A scarf in Catalina Chunky (bought a couple more hanks), done in farrow rib stitch. 200g.

4 squares for the VJGC afghan project, done in #20 orange. :) 96.4g

Total: 296.4g.

Pictures are on my blog (and include pics of the Forest Canopy Shawl).

I fell yesterday and landed on my hands--hit hard enough to bruise the fleshy part at the bottom. I don't think there's gonna be a lot of knitting this week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some knitting, more destashing!

See, my birthday was last week, and my husband let me visit three yarn shops!

To compensate for all the yarny goodness I brought home, I did some destashing.

I sent, to various people:

Cascade Quattro (2 skeins) 200g
Knitting Fuzzy Fur (1 skein) 12.4g
Knitting Funky Fringe (2 skeins)58.8g
Peaches & Creme (2 skeins) 113.4g
Caron Perfect Match (2 skeins) 396g
Araucana Nature Wool Chunky (2) 200g
Plymouth Dreambaby DK (1) 50g
Karabella Magic (2 skeins) 100g

Total destashed: 1130.6g

Knitting-wise, I finished the blue afghan squares (total 51.05g of Plymouth Encore):

I made a tuffet with Patons Classic Merino in black and Yarn Bee Dream Girl in Rebekah. Total g: 369.96. Here it is, post-felting, with cat:

I made a dishcloth using LionBrand MicroSpun (which is amazingly soft once washed). Total g: 52.45.

I also made a Forest Canopy Shawl, using 181.44g of worsted weight Malabrigo in Oceanus. I haven't blocked it yet, and I'm waiting to do that before I take pictures. I'm trying to figure out how to block it without the cats getting to it.

Total knitted: 654.9g

Grand total for Chicago: 1785.5g.

Monday, July 30, 2007

BIG RACE, little FO's

Please, click the image to see everything! I think I took advantage of the two weeks and the use of little projects!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Might as well go ahead & post now

I've got 3 things OTN, but none will be finished by the start of the race.

I managed 3 more afghan squares this week (one green, two blue). I sent a skein of Caron Simply Soft with the green squares (not to be used with them, however--might look a bit off). I'd bought another skein of the sage green, not realizing I already had one. Oops. (Shhh! Don't tell my husband! We made a special trip just to get that skein!)

Grand total for the Pepsi 400 was 246.16.


These are the yellow afghan squares I finished a while back:

Here are the green:

I'll post the blue ones when the four are finished.

These are the dishcloths:

The pattern is called "Eagle Attack," and I got it via the Wicket Stitch Yahoo group.

And this is the baby blankie I participated in with others from the Knitting Help forum. Mine portion is the dark green at the top:

I've got some pretty things that I'm hoping to finish soon!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Stolen from my website...

Thanks to Ravelry, I have been a mite busy with reorganizing my stash. Sunday July 1st, was the NASCAR Nextel Cup Loudon race, and as soon as we were seated, I cast on for my buddy Paul. I am calling them Uncle Pauly's Socks, but just realized that maybe they should be called "Checkered Flag Marls" instead! I used 2 cakes of Classic Elite's Inca Alpaca in the Nightingale colorway. They are now awaiting his arrival when he comes to visit his Mother for her birthday. I do hope he likes them.

And for you Tony Stewart fans, I give you this:

I don't know why but I just love that photo!


It's like a see-saw...

So, for the Toyota/Save Mart 350, I did one lil' afghan square in a sort of lime green (Plymouth Encore again). A whopping 25.1g.

For the Lenox Industrial Tools 300, I did 2 more of the lime green squares, which totaled 50.2g. A couple of dishcloths in two different kinds of cotton. One was Peaches & Creme, & weighed 39.69g. The other was in a lighter, thinner cotton (the label's gone, so I'm not sure what it is, other than blue) and weighed 24.1g. I also knit a section of a baby blanket. It's one of those things where someone starts it and sends it to someone else, who knits a bit & sends it on to the next person, etc. I was the last person to knit on it before it sending it back to the original person for finishing, washing & donating. I used Caron Simply Soft in dark sage. I weighed the skein before and after I started knitting (seemed easier than trying to fold up the blankie & put it on the scale). I used 35.44g of yarn for my portion.

I also sent 2 skeins of the Simply Soft to the woman who started the blankie--340.19g.

So the totaly for the Lenox Tools 300 was 490.44g. A bit more respectable. :)

I've got pics, but need to find where I put the cord to the camera. I think it's buried under some yarn!