Sunday, March 18, 2007

2 weeks worth of progress...

Hi girls! So sorry I've been a bit MIA. I've had pictures from last Saturday for points last week and then I have pictures for this week. We've had some family illness issues and although I've been knitting, I haven't had a lot of computer time.

For the weeks between California and Las Vegas i was a bit slack in my knitting. I used 176 grams for the mitered squares.
I have also started teaching some 4th and 5th grade male students of mine how to finger knit. I've been using this as an opportunity to stashbust. This is approximately 429 grams of yarn that was donated to the boys.

Total yarn used from California to Las Vegas - 605 grams.

Ok, now this week's progress...

Some of the 5th grade girls at school wanted to get into the finger knitting, so I took this bunch to school and wound it into balls. I weighed it on the meat scale and it was 435 grams.
I added 11 more squares this week = 200 grams
1/2 of a #8 dishcloth = 25 gramsFinished cape for Miss Em - this week: 45 grams used.
I am on Spring Break this week so hopefully I'll be able to get myself together a bit and be more organized!


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Thanks for posting those numbers. I will update your stats on the spreadsheet now. :)

jenfromRI said...

My two boys - 1st grade and 4th grade - love finger knitting!