Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Did It!

Yes, I have a FO for this week...I think my socks counted for last week. I won't feel like so much of a loser if I find some way of finishing an item a week....yee-aah~right! Someone's gotta tear me away from my spinning wheel!

This is a baby sweater, many of what's going to be a busy baby making season!

Total Grams: 140 (wow...big numbers here)
Yarn used: Bernat Softee Baby 100% (eeewh-Yes, I'm a yarn snob...) Acrylic

Color 910~Baby Denim
Oh...but now I'm on "the perfect button" suggestions?
Keep on Knittin'!

1 comment:

the book faerie said...

i like the sweater! and mom will thank you for the acrylic :)

maybe teddy bear buttons??