Monday, March 19, 2007


Two Jimmie Johnson wins in a row - my husband is quite pleased. And smug. And maybe a little annoying.

But anyway . . . I did get a pretty good amount of knitting (for me) done this week, including during the race, although I'm not sure what week that counts for. All my amounts are estimated - I need to get one of those little drug dealer, I mean, kitchen scales.
The tea rose halter from the latest issue of Interweave Knits is finished except for the crochet-chain straps. It used just over two 200g skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, and about half of it was knit this week. I also made a pair of pedicure socks (my first socks!) using about 100g of Wool-ease. And finally, I made a cotton baby tank top using one skein of yarn for which I lost the ball band. I'm guessing it was 100g. Pictures for all these will be on my blog hopefully by tonight.
I did purchase a little bit of yarn: one 200g skein of Rowan Spun Chunky wool. All the local yarn stores keep having clearance sales! And extending them for multiple weeks!
So, to do my estimated math, that's 300g of knitting, minus 200g of yarn-buying. Not even close!
Oh well, have a great week, everybody.


the book faerie said...

yarn stores = crack dealers.


and i don't think you have to deduct points for buying the yarn--i'm pretty sure that's in the rules. :)

MsLindz said...

My fiance is pretty smug about Jimmie winning as well. Right now we're in seperate states so as soon as the race ended he calle me to let me know HIS driver won and he had no idea where my Carl [Edwards] finished at. Pffft. Silly men :oP