Sunday, March 25, 2007

Squeaking in under the wire

Well, if it all counts, that is...

Done this week:

Hats! Have we got hats!! Two in Malabrigo Chunky (I loved it so much that I made one to keep). These were the same weight: 80.05g. The headband was 28.35 (was the only thing I could think of with that tiny bit left over). The blue is Debbie Bliss Merino DK (used double) for 70.87g. The pink is Misti Alpaca (also used double) for 77.8g. The middle bottom is Noro Silk Garden--56.7g.

I gifted my little sister a skein of Noro & the teeny bit left over from the hat. She sewed up a baby sweater for me. (Me + Seaming + PMS = One Incredibly Irritating & Frustrating Experience.) Total gift: 64.17g

See that cute lil' pompom on that pink hat? I bought a pompom maker. Before trying it out on the good stuff, I made some practice ones using leftover Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (from that baby sweater my sister sewed together for me). Here's an ounce (28.35g) of pompoms:

The top one was the first, and it's really rather weedy. I popped these into a ziplock with some catnip and PRESTO! Instant cat toys!

The Husband reminded me that we have 8 cats, and I really wasn't being fair to the others. So, during the pre-race show, I made 3 more (after all, that first one is rather pathetic). I used the even teensier bit of chunky Malabrigo and some acrylic Caron that's floating around. Another 28.35g. (yay for heavier yarn!)

And here are Autumn & Pat, checking out their new toys:

I'm thinking I need to wash the Malabrigo one, though. I don't think they like the vinegar smell. ;)

Total yarn used: 436.34g. Total yarn gifted: 64.17g. Race total: 500.51g. But if y'all say the pompoms don't count, I'll understand!!

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jenfromRI said...

I think the pompoms count. Cashmerino pompoms . . . those must be so soft!