Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a dumb week but a good race weekend

Guess what, no finished socks this week. I started on the "really big" birthday pair. Smart alack that I am, I did the full leg and then realized that I was off a stitch and the pattern just wasn't correct or even liveable, so it went to the frog pond and I started over again. I knew I probably wouldn't finish them and I didn't - not in time anyway, I will finish them.

As they are sitting on my table now, I am well down the foot of both, but another pattern was calling out to me, so since I have time before I have to get them in the mail, I started those. I'll have at least both pair finished by this coming weekend, maybe more.

I don't know about you, but I got (almost) raced out this weekend. Qualifying was repeated on Fri. and I must admit I fell asleep on the fourth time through. Then Sat there was qualifying and the race with both repeated, plus the Indy race in the evening. Then Sun there was NASCAR. Must admit it did make the weekend more fun. Maybe that is way I didn't get all the knitting done - too busy watching the cars go round and round.


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