Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Winner of the Fontana Week Is...

Well before I tell you all that bit, I want to repeat that no points will be taken away for buying yarn. If that was being done, I would be SOOOOOOOO negative with all those clearance/business-closing sales!!

Now your winner of the 2 hanks of Classic Elite's Wings in "pretty" pink is:

Mish at The Book Faerie with 3,231 points!! How did she do it? She did a lot of little projects to make tons of FO points, and gave away over 1500 grams. Yow-sa.

Many congrats, Mish!! Please send me your snail addy so I can get these hanks into the mail before I head to NYC for the Yarn Harlot's book kick-off.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thank you :)

the Husband heard me gasp, and asked what was going on. when i told him i won some beautiful yarn, he said, "oh crap." he's funny, that one.

addy on it's way. thank you :)