Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's hear it for knitting in the car!

And while waiting for a table and when no one came into the library for an hour...

2 burp cloths in Peaches & Creme Sea Mist: 56.7g each.
1 baby hat in the Catalina Chunky Alpaca Merino: 52.45g.
1 baby hat in Misti Alpaca: 28.35g.
1 toddler hat in Catalina Chunky Alpaca Merino (knit double): 100g. I had *just* enough yarn.

Total g used: 294.2.

The burp cloths are M&D. I used the hat patterns here and here. I'm thinking pics might have to wait until after the move.

And if anybody feels like helping us pack.... :)

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