Sunday, April 1, 2007

A relatively quiet week

Only one hat this week--a pretty green stockinette cap in Catalina Chunky (60% baby alpaca/40% merino). This was the green that I used in the ribbed hat a couple of weeks ago. Total g used for this hat: 85.04.

A burp cloth (using one of the M/D patterns) in Peaches & Creme baby green. 70.87g. There will be more baby-related knitting in the months to come. And it's not for me. Not yet, anyway ;)

A snuggle for the Snuggles Project in Caron Perfect Match, knit double to make it cushier (is cushier a word? or should it be more cushy?). It's 16" x 16" approximately, and weighs 177.18g. I was blown away at how quickly this knitted up. I've got another skein of this floating around. Now I know what to do with it. And there's an organization in town that accepts them, so once I finish some more (and wash 'em) I can take them there.

Total g used this week: 333.09. Pics will be up later.

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