Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SOCKS, Socks and more socks

Somehow I can't seem to get away from making socks. I made (well finished) six pair - the large maroon ones are the birthday socks from He** and I finally finished them. The yellow were started before and left in the box (can't see myself wearing them) and when the temp dropped, they looked better and better for bed socks.

Anyway, the sock total for yarn used would be 700 grams and for finished socks would be another 150 points, I believe.

I sent a box of yarn to Jeanie Townsend as she requested donations and that was 1,750 grams.

I also received an envelope of yarn for my birthday - that totaled 500 grams, but I don't think we get credit for that.

I think I also have a race total in there also. I can't open the file and I can't find what we get totals for, so I am just guessing here. If you could add this mess up for me and come up with a total I would really appreciate it

Back to knitting - guess what - SOCKS.


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