Friday, May 11, 2007


We've had some issues with our internet connection. They *seem* to be fixed now. Or at least, until the cable goes out again!

That said, here are my totals for Talladega & Richmond. I'll try to get pics soon.

Talladega was just so pathetic. One wee baby hat, for the baby of a friend's sister-in-law. Done in Bernat Satin, it's a whopping 46.76g.

Richmond was better. Both items were knit double with Cascade Eco +. It knits up nicely. My only quibble was that it seemed to fray in parts (when I wound it, it broke). I had to felt it together b/c it broke while I was knitting (in one place). I still have some left--maybe enough for another baby hat.

Neckwarmer - 148.83g
Baby hat - 56.7g
Total - 205.53

I'm working on a baby blanket in Bernat Satin (same baby mentioned above). I have no idea if it'll be done for Darlington.

I've got a question...are we supposed to knit for the All-Star Challenge, or is that a sort of "bye" week, since it's a non-points event??

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