Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's like a see-saw...

So, for the Toyota/Save Mart 350, I did one lil' afghan square in a sort of lime green (Plymouth Encore again). A whopping 25.1g.

For the Lenox Industrial Tools 300, I did 2 more of the lime green squares, which totaled 50.2g. A couple of dishcloths in two different kinds of cotton. One was Peaches & Creme, & weighed 39.69g. The other was in a lighter, thinner cotton (the label's gone, so I'm not sure what it is, other than blue) and weighed 24.1g. I also knit a section of a baby blanket. It's one of those things where someone starts it and sends it to someone else, who knits a bit & sends it on to the next person, etc. I was the last person to knit on it before it sending it back to the original person for finishing, washing & donating. I used Caron Simply Soft in dark sage. I weighed the skein before and after I started knitting (seemed easier than trying to fold up the blankie & put it on the scale). I used 35.44g of yarn for my portion.

I also sent 2 skeins of the Simply Soft to the woman who started the blankie--340.19g.

So the totaly for the Lenox Tools 300 was 490.44g. A bit more respectable. :)

I've got pics, but need to find where I put the cord to the camera. I think it's buried under some yarn!

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