Sunday, July 15, 2007

Might as well go ahead & post now

I've got 3 things OTN, but none will be finished by the start of the race.

I managed 3 more afghan squares this week (one green, two blue). I sent a skein of Caron Simply Soft with the green squares (not to be used with them, however--might look a bit off). I'd bought another skein of the sage green, not realizing I already had one. Oops. (Shhh! Don't tell my husband! We made a special trip just to get that skein!)

Grand total for the Pepsi 400 was 246.16.


These are the yellow afghan squares I finished a while back:

Here are the green:

I'll post the blue ones when the four are finished.

These are the dishcloths:

The pattern is called "Eagle Attack," and I got it via the Wicket Stitch Yahoo group.

And this is the baby blankie I participated in with others from the Knitting Help forum. Mine portion is the dark green at the top:

I've got some pretty things that I'm hoping to finish soon!!

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