Thursday, March 8, 2007

DeStash for Points!

I am knitting - a tiny baby blanket and a larger afghan, but have nothing to show for points.

HOWEVER! Last Tuesday night at KnitWits I did some early destashing. I shared two XXL ziplock storage bags of yarn, ranging from various acrylics to organic cottons to RioGrande rug wool. In my haste, I did not weigh them before I took them to the meeting, thinking that I'd ask the ladies to write down the grams of each ball they took. Big mistake. Not every skein of yarn was still with its paper; not everyone could find where the weight was on the yarn wrappers. So - we did an estimate of how much yarn was in the two bags (did I mention XXL storage bags?). (All the yarn was taken - leftovers went with Bambi to the prison outreach group.) The informed guesstimates ranged from 5 pounds to 150 pounds. I thought there was about 10 pounds. At any rate, I'll gladly settle for the 5 pound estimate. wow. That's more than 2200 grams. Destashing is infinitely easier than knitting! Be forewarned that I'm making one more giant destash meeting next week, then it's knitting the rest of the way. (I'm moving and don't want to have to move the yarn. again.)


the book faerie said...

i hear ya!! my sister's friend has kindly relieved me of about 1400g of yarn today! we're moving in about a month...the less i have to pack, the happier i'll be

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Very awesome that you were able to destash so much! Don't forget that you can sell off your stash too. ;)