Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm a dingbat

I failed to read the pattern before I bought most of the yarn. I thought I needed the regular Peaches & Creme...not realizing the pattern calls for the double worsted. *sigh*

I've ordered the correct yarn (and in colors I'd prefer). Anyone interested in a couple of cones in ecru? It's not worth the hassle of returning them to Wallyworld (that, and I no longer have the receipt). Let me know, and they can be yours!!

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Anonymous said...

Reading your offer over the second time ... whoo hoo! ... she said "cones", not balls. And it is Peaches and Cream too!

None of my local stores sells P-n-C, you see. It's all only Handicrafter by Bernat.

Yes, I'd love a couple of ecru cones - please and thank you.
At least some of that yarn would be used to knit up DW cloths. (I think he's a NASCAR driver - I am not a follower. Darren or Darrell?)

Thank you in advance very much,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca