Friday, April 27, 2007


I've got pics, and totals for this past week's race.

Knitted this week:

Another snuggle in Caron Perfect Match--170g.
Baby hat in Cascade 220 Superwash--52.45g.
Baby hat in Cascade 22o Superwash--63.79.
(These 3 were knit double.)

Felted pincushion with some leftover Catalina Chunky Baby Alpaca/Merino (yeah, I *thought* it was all gone). Now, if just the pincushion is counted, it's 28.35g. But I stuffed it with yarn scraps. That weight is 77.96g. I'll go with whichever weight y'all want. Without the stuffing, my total is 314.59g. With the stuffing, it's 364.2.


Here's the April layout on the couch:

Here's the first half of the month. The dates correspond to the posts. Sorry for the funky angle--I was trying to avoid casting a shadow.

This is the second half, including today's post. I love that pink Cascade! The funky looking green thing is the pincushion. You can sort of make out the tapestry needle stuck in it.

Things are getting back to normal here, which is making me very very very happy! Now, if I could only find where that other size 7 needle went to...

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