Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rain, rain - hold off for a minute

I just spent over an hour trying to sign in here, the storm is moving in fast, so not going to take time to upload the picture for this week (if you have seen one sock you have seen them all), my computer almost always locks up in the storm, so really trying to hurry here as I may not be back on for a week.

This week (I will admit I slept through the race) - I am really screwed up with the Sat race - convinced myself it was Sun and then realized that Mon was now Sun and when I finally got that straight ------- well, you get the picture. It must be old age - this retirement business is for the birds - when you don't have to get up to go to work, the days all run together.

Anyway, I finished another pair of socks which have been mailed off for the birthday present. I changed my mind at the last minute, kept one of the pairs I was sending and knit another color combination. Six pairs of socks in that package, I don't really know that the color of the last pair is all that important, but maybe she will wear them. Anyway, that would be 100 gr. of yarn and 25 for finishing. I finished them Sun, no Sat :-)

I have also completed four squares for an afghan that will be mailed out. By the weight on the full skein I finished and the partial for the last square, I used 200 grams. Seems high, but I only got the three squares out of a new skein, maybe it is just because I am so use to fingering weight. I have no idea on the points for the four squares - probably 10, but just guessing.

Does anyone have the list of what we get points for so I don't have to keep asking. If it is in the file section, forget it, nothing opens for me there.

Just read this again and it sounds like I am in a bad mood, I'm really not, just trying to hurry. The phone lines go the minute it starts to rain here and that will cut off my computer - even if my computer doesn't lock up like it usually does.


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