Saturday, April 21, 2007

Woo hoo!

My smallest amount yet!! 150g!!

I used 100g of the alpaca/merino for a small hat (used double). It was the last of that yarn (I'd bought 4 hanks of it ages ago).

While packing for our move, I found a scarf I started at the beginning of Feb. that got buried under other yarn purchases. It needed the next skein attached, so I did. And *finally* finished it. I'm only counting the one skein (50g of Mmmmmalabrigo) since I started it before this KAL.

I haven't found the cord for the camera yet, so sorry, no pics! It's here somewhere...

On the bright side, we're mostly in the new house (the big furniture comes Monday). The cats are adapting, and I didn't have to pack the contents of the fridge. Well, I sort of packed 'em...into the garbage! We were without power for two days--knitting by candlelight doesn't really work for me. (And is yet another reason for my paltry total. ) I'm looking forward to getting my stash organized in the new house. :)

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