Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hi! I plan to do better!

I officially knit one sock. Happily it was knit out of BartlettMills yarn - a wonderful worsted weight - and I used two colors, which I think might have added a little weight. This brings me to an astounding two ounces (weighed on the postal scale next door). This translates to about 56 grams. I'll take it!

I have been watching NASCAR for about ten years. I remember actually sitting down an watching the Indie 500 for the entire race -- and watching the guy who was obviously going to win -- lose because he ran out of gas on the last lap. I come from a long line of 'they're just racing around in a circle - what's so interesting about that?' I am learning more and more how false that statement is!

In the meantime, I am moving and will not have cable TV. To get myself ready for this transition, I have already found an MRN radio station (KFAL, 900AM), and have been listening to the races. It's another world, Race Fans, but I will learn how to listen!

Here's my single sock. Knit for the special request for socks for students at Afghans for Afghans
using this toe-up pattern:

Oh! And I generally watch Ken Schrader since when I started watching, he was driving the M&Ms car (38). I have gotten a little tired of the front row drivers, so I now tend to pick my car by the sponsor, like M&Ms, Tide, etc. If only we could get sponsors like Mountain Colors, BartlettYarns, and Noro!!!

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