Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nascar and Knitting...

My name is RaAnn and I have been a Nascar fan for just over 22 years. I became a fan when I saw my first race with my "then" betrothed. Now, nearly 22 years later I am still in love with both my wonderful husband and Nascar.

I learned to knit about 12+ years ago and I have been knitting ever since. I love to watch the races and knit. It is both exciting and rewarding to see how much I can get done during the course of the race.

My favorite drivers are Ken Schrader, Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards and just recently Jeff Gordon. I was fortunate enough to be at the Dayton 500 in 1999 and watched Jeff Gordon win. I list him as my favorites as long as he "plays fair". I do not care for the drivers who are arrogant or who have those "better than you" attitudes.

So, What have I knitted recently? Using a kitchen scale I have the following info:

Week 1, Daytona 500 (Total for this week: 390):
Tasseled Lace Bookmark (my own pattern) Lionbrand Microspun, - 20gm
Fur Fun Bookmark (my own pattern) Fun fur and Crochet Cotton #10 - 10gm
Baby Hat (my own patern) Mainstay Worst Weight - 50gm
Baby Booties (my own pattern) Mainstay Worst Weight - 30gm
Gave away Caron Simply Soft- purple 170 gm & Lace Weight Yarn 110 gm

Week 2, Auto Club 500 (Potenital: 907 gms): My Driver Won!!! Matt won this race...do we get points for that too? lol

Lace Shamrock Bookmark (my own pattern) Jamie Baby Yarn 1 gm
Started a striped Baby Blanket (my own pattern) for my soon-to-be nephew and hope to have it done by the next one. This is using Mainstay Yarn. Two one-pound skeins equaling 906 gms when finished. Of course I will weight it again at that point. =)

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