Monday, March 5, 2007

Trying to catch up

I'm knitting furiously (or trying to, anyway) so I can catch up before Sunday's race.

I've managed to finish a neckwarmer (177g) using a skein (and a smidge of another) of the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and a headband/earwarmer using a leftover partial skein (about an ounce; was 35 g knitted up) of the regular Wool-Ease. Pics are in the middle of this post. I'm working on a hat with the other T&Q skein. I was almost done, when I realized (during decreasing) that I was looking at the wrong pattern!! *sigh*

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Procrastiknitter said...

I know. I thought I would have tons of time, but it's been a busy 2 weeks. I'll be stretching to get it all finished and it's only 400 this week.